My European Faces: Former PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt is Danish, British & European

Former Danish PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt is married to The Honorable Stephen Kinnock, a British diplomat & MP. Although she used to be an European politician in Brussels, he is supporting a British Brexit. Her most favorite book is Jane Austen’s “Pride & Prejudice”, She is Danish, British & European.

My European Faces: Sir Ken Adams OBE, iconic James Bond movie designer, was Jewish, German, British & European

While Sir Ken Adams, OBE, was famous for his designs of the iconic James Bond movie sets, it is less well know that he was one of only three German born RAF pilots in WWII, called “Heinie the tank-buster.” Before he became a pilot, however, he is was entrusted with the design and building of air shelters, which clearly influenced his stark esthetics. He was Jewish, German, British & European.

My European Faces: Mother Jones, a “dangerous woman”, was Irish, American & European

Schoolteacher Mary Harris Jones lost her husband, all of her four children, and her business. When she had nothing left to loose, she started to “fight like hell for the living.” She was so successful as a community organizer and orator that, in 1902, she was named “the most dangerous woman in America.” At a time when labour conditions were dysmal, she stood up for miners and children in sweat shops. She was Irish, American & European.

My European Faces: Mezzo-soprano Magdalena Kožená, Lady Rattle, is Czeck & European

While mezzo-soprano Magdalena Kožená received a rigorous opera voice training in the communist Czechoslovakia of her youth, it is her pure, mellifluous voice that fascinates opera lovers all over the world. And while she is half of a power couple with British conductor Sir Simon Rattle, her superb voice, wide range of musical repertoire, and nuanced interpretations make her a musical force in her own right. She he’s Czeck, British & European.

My European Faces: Agustina de Aragón, female battery commander, Spanish, British, European

This Spanish heroine and guerilla fighter, whose son was shot in front of her eyes by Napoleon’s troops, was trained by the Duke of Wellington to committ sabotage against the French army. Agustina began to fight for the allied forces as Wellington’s only female officer, rising to the rank of Captain. and was a battery commander at the Battle of Vitoria. This true swashbuckler, was Spanish, British and European.

Krystyna Skarbek, OBE, GM, SOE, daring British spy, was Polish, British and European

Polish-jewish countess Krystyna Skrabek a.k.a. Christina Granville was the first and longest serving female British spy in WWII. Considered absolutely fearless as well as reckless, the expert skier and knife-wielding socialite, saved the day many times. This heroine survived six years of service under extremely dangerous risks — the average life expectancy of a British spy was six weeks — only to be killed by a jilted civilian after the war. In 1945, when no longer needed, she was abandoned by the country she served so bravely. To make a living, she had to take lowly jobs, where she met the jealous man that stabbed her to death. Krystyna, the free spirit, was proudly Polish, British and European.

Ion, sharing his life with rescued dogs, is Romanian and European

Ion has consistently made the experience that people don’t recognize his compassionate character, but judge him by his looks. He lives in Bucharest like a recluse in the creaky house of his deceased parents, which he shares with 30 rescued dogs. Caring for so many animals is no mean feat. The little time left in the day, he gets solace from reading the incredible body of Romanian literature: From Alecu Văcărescu to Tristan Tzara; from Mircea Eliade to Ion Barbu. He is Romanian and European.