My European Faces: Clara Rockmore, worlds foremost Theremin virtuoso, was Lithuanian & European

When Clara Rockmore, a child prodigy violinist, was not able to play the violin anymore, she turned to the predecessor of the synthesizer: The Theremin. The Russian inventor Léon Theremin optimized his creation with her input, and even dedicated it to her. Her self control and ability to express emotion on this first electronic instrument remain unsurpassed. She was Lithuanian, American and European.

My European Faces: Popular homeless hero from Bath, István Kakas, was Hungarian & European

István Kakas lived on the small, picturesque Ha’penny Bridge in Bath, which he often swept with his broom and decorated with flowers. The former military vet and chef was well known amongst residents for his uplifting spirit and cheery personality. When he rescued a little girl and her father from the river with his broom, he became a Bath celebrity, and received a citizen award for his heroism. The community of Bath mourned his death of Leukemia in 2018. He was Hungarian and European.

My European Faces: Mary Sidney, Countess Pembroke, playwright, British, European

Beautiful, talented and unconvential Mary Sidney was counted as the first influential British female poet and playwright. By 1600, she was listed together with her brother Philip Sidney and William Shakespeare as notable authors of her time. Admired by her fellow writers — poet Samuel Daniels wrote more than 30 Sonnets dedicated to her — Lady Sidney was deeply influenced by Continental writers and sought to bring European literary forms to England. She was British and European.

Swiss Confederate Ursula does not have to worry, she’s Swiss & European

As a typically proud Swiss confederate, Ursula can take a sunbath and relax, because she is not one of the “Ellbögler”. She is a paediatrician in Thun, is married to a surgeon, and has three children. Maybe her relaxed attitude is also due to the fact that her assets are safely invested in Novartis AG, and Nestle AG, compounding interest. She is Swiss and European.