My European Faces

A series of portraits that investigates what it means to be European will be released–one portrait daily– from Brexit date on March 29th to the extended date on May 22nd.

“My European Faces” is a a series of portraits, a study, inquiring what makes Europeans European — beyond their current identity as an economic joint venture.

It includes historic, mythological, imaginary, public, and private Europeans filtered through my liking, beliefs, emotions, and memories. In its entirety, the series aims to reveal the family resemblance (Ludwig Wittgenstein, Philosophical Investigations, 1953) of Europeans: a construct of European provenance, personality, culture, history, aesthetics, tradition and values.

It also intends to sprinkle some humor, lightness, and charm over the barbarian status quo of both Brexit and the European Union, which, of course, is also truly European.

The attentive viewer might realize, when perusing the depicted sample of European faces, how ridiculous it is to believe that one could break with a 12,000 year-old, natural phenomenon. The very concept of “Europe” consisted mainly of war, invasion, bloodshed, suppression and migration, and is based on millennia of petty, jealous, pompous and violent human behavioral traits.

What could you expect from a population that will boast about the language differences setting it apart from the village two miles (or km) down the road? Alas, it’s another typical Europe-wide tradition that Europeans won’t see the forest for the trees.

Starting on the first Brexit date, March 29th, I will publish an original portrait every day, until the time that I consider a resolution reached, or May 22nd.

The portraits are in mixed media, including oil, pastels, colored pencils, charcoal and gouache on paper. They draw from the European painting traditions from the early Renaissance to post-war modern art.

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